Ashford University Enrollment Agreement

« With today`s announcement, University of Arizona President Robbins showed that he thinks big. … This agreement also makes the university a major player in online higher education and has the potential to create a stable and necessary additional source of income to support student training in Arizona and university enterprise, » said Larry Penley, President of the Regent`s Council. A student who has graduated from the University of Arizona Global Campus or a certified university and who wishes to obtain an additional degree must meet all educational and diploma requirements. Credits applied to a previously assigned conclusion cannot be applied in a later conclusion. When a student has completed a thesis that meets the substantive requirements for the follow-up conclusion, the student must take additional courses to meet the overall credit requirements for the supplementary conclusion. Graduates of the University of Arizona`s Global Campus cannot take duplicate studies with another specialization, but instead choose another program. The 15-year contract is automatically renewed for up to two years of five years, unless one of the parties chooses not to renew the contract. The contract can be terminated free of charge after seven years if the net income from tuition and fees collected in the current fiscal year is less than $400 million. Please note that some courses may require additional requirements for Internet connection, software and/or hardware, for example. B a microphone and/or webcam to record audio or video files. In addition, some courses may require the use of third-party websites. The university is not responsible for the practices of third-party websites.

If a student is seriously opposed to using a third-party website, they may request another method to complete a task from the course manager. If a student retains the disclosure of directory information, no directory information is disclosed to non-university employees from the University of Arizona`s global campus, unless the disclosure meets exceptional criteria as described in the Student Rights and Responsibilities section of this catalog. However, a student may still be required to provide certain information as part of the course work. Ashford`s information page indicates that the newly created university will continue to have its headquarters in San Diego.

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