Internet Commerce Agreement Cisco

If you purchase project-related services or consulting services directly from Cisco under an Advanced Service Work Statement (« SOW ») and do not have an effective agreement on master services, Advanced Services Agreement or other Master Services Agreement for sow-based services with Cisco, this SOW is subject to the terms stipulated in the SOW Usage Agreement on the date of the SOW. who herein integrated the SOW and incorporated part of it through this reference. The Advanced Services Agreement (Click-to-Accept) is a worldwide click-to-accept agreement for the purchase of advanced services directly from Cisco. This is a stand-alone agreement that covers the advanced services of SOW (transactional) and advanced description service. If you accept this agreement online through the Cisco Click-to-Accept process, you can place multiple orders with Cisco for description service and advanced services based on SOW, as under the terms of that agreement. Here is an example of the current Advanced Services Agreement (Click-to-Accept). For more information, please contact your designated Cisco Advanced Services account manager. These terms of sale and the software license agreement apply (by integration or reference) to purchases of products and services made pursuant to a letter or other specific agreement. These terms are also attached to the online trading agreement that all Cisco customers must accept worldwide before ordering online. . Terms of sale and software licensing agreement by region: Select Region Asia Australia Canada European Markets India Italy Japan Latin America – Caribbean South Korea United States .

Sign in to see your purchase options. View recorded estimates (or offers and offers if you are a partner) with Cisco Commerce. . Find solutions, generate offers and place orders with the help of Cisco-certified partners and resellers. Most customers work with a Cisco partner to purchase Cisco products. The partners undergo numerous trainings to be certified by Cisco for the sale of authentic Cisco products. Partners and some customers with a direct purchasing relationship use Cisco Commerce for offers, configuration, pricing and ordering. ..

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