Italian Integration Agreement

Hello Liz, go to the website of the Ministero dell`Interno: To register for the trial or go to a local INAC office. For more information, Australia has reached an agreement on a 12-month work visa in Italy. Maximum 6 months of work and $ at the bank, etc. No requirements for language courses, etc. My 18-year-old twin daughters got this at the Sydney consulate. Everything seemed very simple with an appointment on the Questura, take your photos, copies of passports, etc. on the Questura, buy a stamp, post it and wait for your permission to stay to arrive. Once the agreement is signed, you will receive 16 points. Participation in the free citizen training course is confirmed if the agreement is successfully reviewed.

This agreement is fundamental to obtaining a residence permit and to be able to renew it. I have been in Italy for 2 years on student visas and I have never been obliged to sign this agreement for my Permesso (I made two separate applications). Besides, I was never contacted to prove anything before the expiration of my permessos. Is it possible that this requirement only applies to those who have a residence visa here? If that is the intervention, you should correct that in the wording. Who must sign the agreement? All foreign nationals who come to Italy for the first time, are over 16 years old and apply for an annual visa must sign the agreement. The agreement obliges foreigners to learn the Italian language and the basic bourgeois rules of life in Italy. The demonstration of an « A2 » level of Italian and the achievement of other objectives (for example. B knowledge of the Italian Constitution, affirmation of respect for the « Charter of Values of Citizenship and Integration » of Italy, etc.), in any case yields a number of merits or points. Thirty points must be earned within two years of the signing of the integration agreement before a residence permit can be issued.

16 first credits are granted at the signing of the contract. Who would not sign the agreement? people with diseases or disabilities that severely limit self-sufficiency or cause serious difficulties in understanding language and culture. These must be certified by a public health agency or a licensed physician, in agreement with the health care provider covered by the insurance, with the national health service. The agreement is also not signed in the following cases: I apologize for such a delay in the response from you! Follow this link, which contains an English pdf of the agreement, and, from page 5, you can see the list of points that are reported to you. The most important is, of course, the certification of the A2 language and the conclusion of the civil knowledge class. Other items earn extra points, but without the fulfillment of language and civil, you can still have a surplus of points, but not able to « pass ». When I received the official notice of compliance with the criteria of the agreement, the office listed my census of points, which did not contain many other things for which I should have accumulated points, even though I had provided the necessary documents.

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