La Dept Of Revenue Installment Agreement

3. At the request of the debtor, within sixty days of the date of notification and application covered in paragraph 1 of this subsection and the authorization of the agent of the Vehicle Office, the vehicle registration service may re-enter the contract at temper after payment of the missed tranche. 2. A debtor who is liable to the Motor Vehicle Board for two hundred and fifty dollars or more in fines, penalties or commissions or a combination of these fines is entitled to pay these amounts by debit agreement with the establishment of a motor vehicle, if all the following conditions are met: 2. The debtor is issued a statement or receipt indicating the amount paid and the amount remaining to be paid as part of the payment. until a staggered payment is made. (1) If the debtor is liable for two hundred and fifty dollars, the debtor pays six equal monthly payments. (a) a tax of no more than three dollars for each payment made under a temperance agreement. 4. Within 60 days of notification and claim required in paragraph 1 of this subsection, no application for restitutio in integrum is made in a staggered payment: or if the agent of the automobile establishment rejects an application to reintroduce a temperature contract, the tempered contract is terminated and all amounts owed in the temper contract are criminal and final debts within the meaning of the R.S. 32:8 or R.S. 47:1676 for which: (2) The termination and staggered payment requirement meet all termination requirements of R.S. 32:8 and R.S.

47:1676. In the event that a missed contract involves the payment of bonds or fine debts within the meaning of R.S. 32:8, this communication must contain all the information requested by R.S. 32:8. In the event that a contract is terminated involves the payment of bonds or fine debts within the meaning of R.S. 47:1676, this communication must contain all the information requested by R.S. 47:1676. The notification in this paragraph is consistent with the termination requirements of S.R. 32:8 and SAR 47:1676.C payments. 1. All installments are made by a computerized automated operation initiated by the car office or by a third party on behalf of the driving position.

These staggered payments can be made by bank transfer, wire transfer or credit or debit card, including, but not limited to, rechargeable prepaid credit or debit cards. All debtors provide the necessary information for staggered payments payable by bank transfer, wire transfer or credit or debit card. 4. Any missed temper agreement reached by the establishment of a vehicle and a debtor is written and subscribed by both parties. The Motor Vehicles Office establishes an official form to use for the catch-up temper contracts approved by this section. Missed agreements are not valid. B. Payment plan for missed agreements. Any time-to-weather contract requires a debtor to make fixed and equal monthly payments in the following amounts, the first payment is due during the execution of the contract: b) A tempering contract cannot be used to pay sales or use taxes or related penalties and interest, taxes on vehicle registration licences or titling fees when a transaction is subject to the ownership or registration of a motor vehicle. However, if the Auto Board has previously informed the debtor that the payment of a vehicle title or registration transaction has been dishonoured by a bank that concludes the transaction, the Self-Driving Vehicle Board may accept a contract with a temperament to recover this non-disgraced payment in addition to the outstanding fees, penalties or interest that may be added to the sum as a result of the dishonour payment.

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