Bond Loan Agreement Part E

If you still owe money for a Bond Loan or Bond Loan Plus when you move, we will use any deposit repayment amount that your landlord/agent does not claim to pay off that debt. You can repay your bond loan with the department`s electronic barcode. This is available via the free Housing Assist Qld app or online. Your landlord/agent may assert a right against the rental obligation for unpaid rent, cleaning or property damage. You must repay your Bond Loan or Bond Loan Plus within the credit period for which you were approved. Department of Housing & Public Works Queensland Shared Services Shared Accounts Receivable GPO Box 173 Brisbane Qld 4001. Any person listed in the Bond Loan Agreement is responsible for the full repayment of the amount of the loan bond. You can only use debit cards if you repay your loan with BPay. Make the check or payment order to the Department of Housing and Public Works and send it: If your loan is fully repaid at the end of your tenancy and your landlord/agent does not entitle, you will receive the full amount of the deposit. Bond loan repayments can be deducted from centrelink payments and are paid directly to us every two weeks.

Your financial institution may charge you a fee for using BPay. . You can also use this method to pay arrears and other debts of Bond Loan. You can repay your bond loan by sending us a check or payment order with your name and Bond Loan account number. Contact your financial institution to arrange the repayment in this way. EasyPay is for free to use and ensures that your bond loan repayment is paid on time, even if you are on holiday or sick. You must complete and sign the EasyPay deduction authority for bond payments (PDF, 761KB) if you are applying for a bond loan. All applicants must decide how much each applicant will pay. However, the total amount deducted must be in accordance with the necessary monthly repayment of the bond loan. BPay is a fast, simple and convenient way to pay your bond loan by phone or bank internet. You can download the free Housing Assist Qld app from your App Store on Apple, Windows and Android devices. However, you can pay off your Bond Loan or Bond Loan Plus earlier if you wish.

The RTA can help if you want to dispute your landlord/agent`s claims. If you are receiving centrelink income assistance, using EasyPay for bond loan repayment is a prerequisite for your consent. If you use other payment methods like EasyPay, you can continue to use the refund barcode to make additional payments. You must indicate your Bond Loan or Bond Loan Plus and your date of birth. You can pay more than your monthly repayment by indicating the amount you want to pay every two weeks on the form « EasyPay Right of deduction for bondary payments ». You can have your bank, credit union or bausparkasse pay us bond repayments from your account. Refunds can only be deducted from one account. Download forms from the Residential Tenancies Authority….

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