Canada Bc Job Fund Agreement

Government of Canada Announces Funding for Training 4,000 People … The Canada Job Grant is a professional and business training program introduced by the Canadian government following the passage of the 2013 federal budget. It will be funded by the Canada Employment Fund, a transfer of funds from the federal government to provincial and territorial governments to implement the program. It will allow individuals to receive up to $15,000 in training benefits funded by the federal government and the individual`s employer. With these new agreements, the Canadian government is ensuring that these programs benefit more people than before, including people from groups that are typically under-represented in our staff, such as people with disabilities, women and Aboriginal people. Six provincial governments have signed agreements to fund training on Canada`s Labour Finance. They are the Government of Alberta, the Government of British Columbia, the Government of Manitoba, the Government of New Brunswick, the Government of Ontario and the Government of Quebec. [13] These are funded by agreements on the Canada Employment Fund, which will replace the federal government`s labour market agreement with each province. [19] The passage of the 2013 federal budget led in 2014 to the creation of the Canada Job Grant[1], which stipulated that the federal government would provide $5,000 for training a person in trades and qualifications[2] but required equivalent funds from provincial governments and the individual`s employer. [3] The program is part of the federal government`s strategy to develop skills for positions that have not been filled or have been filled by temporary foreign workers. [4] Through these agreements, the government is providing Canadians with more opportunities to improve their skills, gain experience or get help to start their own businesses.

Agreements also involve more support, such as employment counselling, to help Canadians plan their careers. On October 24, 2014, the B.C. government and the federal government announced the Canada-B.C. Employment Fund agreement, which will replace the previous labour market agreement between the two governments. [20] The $65 million annual fund is $38 million for the Canada Employment Grant. [20] The agreement also removed the requirement that provincial and territorial governments provide appropriate funding. [10] Instead, the federal government covered two-thirds of each party`s training costs, while the other party was funded by the individual`s employer. [10] In addition, a derogation was introduced for small businesses, which reduced its necessary contribution to 15% of costs (compared to 33%).

[10] The federal government also agreed to conduct a review by December 2015 to assess the effectiveness of the training program. [14] The programme should fund the training of 130,000 people per year if it is fully operational. [7] Training must be provided by an external training operator who is eligible for staff from private and non-profit companies. [15] About one-third of the resources for each trained worker is provided by the employer and the rest by the federal government. [15] The program is completed for short-term training of at least 25 hours within one year. [16] It can be made available in a classroom, online or on site and is paid for teaching, examination fees, texts and other training materials. [15] [17] Applications must be made by employers on behalf of sponsored persons or by self-employed persons, and the intern must be a Canadian citizen, permanent resident or below the limit of protected persons entitled to employment in Canada. [18] The agreements announced today are the new agreement on the development of the hand-of?. (WDA) and the Labour Market Development Agreement (LMDA).

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