Sample Timber Sale Agreement

ALL TIMBER REFERRED TO BELOW SHALL BE CUT AND REMOVED BEFORE THE DATE REFERRED TO IN DIVISION I, UNLESS THE EXTENSION OF THE TIME LIMIT IS REQUESTED AND GRANTED IN WRITING. The sale is made on or before this date, when all products have been cut, withdrawn and final payment completed. The buyer is responsible for the offer price for all woods listed below, including all uncut or uncut products. This liability persists regardless of the violation of the wood by natural causes, acts of force majeure or human acts, including vandalism or theft. All duties on the remaining products, cut or uncut, decrease at the expiration of the sale to the seller. 12. Access: The buyer and his representatives have access to the sales area and all adjacent land of the seller to cut, remove and transport the wood. 1. THE PROVISIONS RELATING TO CUTTING AND REDUCING DISPOSAL SHALL BE COMPLIED WITH IN THE ATTACHED VERSION.

See estimated volume of wood or other annexes. 2. USE – Trees cut for pulpwood must have a diameter at least 4 inches larger and trees cut for sawmills with a diameter of at least 8 inches larger, unless otherwise provided for in the cutting rules, or where degradation or branching limits c marktability. 3. The blunt heights should be as low as possible, but not more than half (1/2) of their diameter. 4. SAWTIMBER MUST comply with the Scribner Decimal C and Pulpwood rule after 128 cu. ft./cord for wood 8` and 133 1/3 cu. ft./cord for wood 100″ or the state of __________ (DNR) for weight loss standards. 5. RESIDUAL AND NEIGHBOURING STANDS SHOULD BE PROTECTED WITH DUE CARE.

6. ONLY THE TIMBER REFERRED TO IN SECTION V MAY BE CUT AND REMOVED. If unde designated trees are cut down or damaged unnecessarily, buyer must pay for them with a set of three (3) times their seasonal value. 7. Buyer shall repair at its own expense damage that goes beyond normal wear and tear caused by Buyer or its representatives on waterways, roads, roads, gates, fences, bridges or any other improvement of Seller`s property. 8. The location of routes, landings, etc., is mutually agreed between the buyer and the seller or their representatives. Work related to logging must not be used mechanically. 9.

BEST MANAGEMENT PRACTICES for water quality must be followed by the buyer during the term of this contract. 10. Buyer must remove all debris produced by the sale within twenty (twenty) days of the expiration of the sale; including machine parts, oil cans, paper and other waste, as well as the buyer`s equipment and structures. Items not removed are considered abandoned, enter the seller`s property, and may be removed or disposed of at the buyer`s expense, including, but not limited to, the performance bond. 11. FIRE – The Buyer and the Buyer`s auxiliaries exercise due diligence at all times against the start and spread of forest fires. The buyer undertakes to cover all damages and costs related to the suppression of fires caused by the buyer or the buyer`s representatives. 17. Waste and debris: no debris of any kind may be left on the ground, except for natural trees and brushes that have been built in the countryside. Trees, branches, brushes or other debris should not be left on the ground beyond the boundaries of the land or in fields, streams or ditches. The buyer refrains from depositing oil or hazardous waste on the site.

The Fellow or his/her representatives must at all times keep garbage in garbage bags or cans. Waste, including cans, bottles, paper, plastic and towels, should not be left on the floor at any time.. . .

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