Taliban Truce Agreement

An estimated 10,000 captured Taliban are being held in Afghanistan. The radical Islamist group had seen a « reduction in violence » the week before the signing of the agreement with the United States on Saturday in Qatar. « The Taliban must abide by the agreement, especially with regard to their promises to sever ties with terrorists, » Pompeo told the Foreign Ministry earlier this week. « We have here our deep interest in the fight against terrorism and we made sure that the country of origin was never attacked. This is one of the central foundations of what President Trump has presented to us. But Suhail Shaheen, spokesman for the Taliban`s political bureau in Doha, tweeted that the Taliban expected a full withdrawal. In a Pashtun tweet, he said: « Based on the agreement with the United States, all international forces will leave Afghanistan and the invasion will end, and no one will be allowed to use Afghan soil against others. » And even when the U.S. and taliban get closer to a deal, all could still be lost. The agreement begins with the declaration that a « comprehensive peace agreement consists of four parts. » These four sides are listed: Fighting in Afghanistan has resumed after the Taliban ended a partial ceasefire with government forces, leaving doubt about peace talks scheduled for next week. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg welcomed developments in Brussels.

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