Usfs Challenge Cost Share Agreement

This partnership challenge aims to reward proposals that have the best chance of building sustainable benefits and developing new partnerships. D. Field offices. The main task is to plan and implement projects and to maintain and coordinate the interest or participation of cooperation partners. field offices are recognized as the first point of contact for staff; This is why they are primarily responsible for setting up, promoting and guaranteeing the distribution of project costs. C. Challenge Cost Share Agreement (CCSA). A written agreement between the service and a cooperative partner(s) in which there is an equal partnership between the federal government and the collaborator(s) who manufactures or provides a tangible product that mutually benefits the objectives of the service and the public. It is not necessary to involve monetary expenditure by the cooperation partner.

D. Challenge Cost Share Management System (CCSMIS). An automated database used to inventory and track financial, rural, and organizational/institutional data for all budget activities of the service. The cost structures of the project correspond to those assigned in the financial system of the service. B. Deputy Director – Policy, Budget and Administration (APBA). The APBA is responsible for providing services that facilitate the implementation of ccS agreements. The finance department records, accounts for and reports on the cost of all projects approved for funding in the financial system. C. Regional Offices (ARD-RW). It is ARD-RW`s responsibility to promote, implement and support the programme.

Concretely, they will prioritize projects in collaboration with other departments, certify the maintenance of non-federal shares of projects, track project proposals and funding, report successes and maintain CCS project information in collaboration with the ARW. Regional offices coordinate the assignment of cost accounting codes with their respective budget and tax offices. 6.8 Standards. A systematic and standardized database structure, applicable to all field units, will provide the framework for the CMISS. Data fields that identify or describe the station, project, state, rank, utility/activity, costs, year, cooperation partner contribution, name, type, type of project, land classification and demography together represent the CMISCs. The database is designed in such a way that it can be easily merged with other systems. 2. The certification endorsement contains a declaration and/or accounting documents that declare the value of the matching cost share and attest to the non-use of federal funds on the part of the cooperation partner. Neither funds or contributions paid into a service account may be used to finance or reimburse professional consultation or service costs related to the receipt of proposals, the purchase of mailing lists, postage, courier or similar telephone directory fees. E.

Director`s Awards. The funds will be set aside from CSC funds, i.e. at least 25% of the total congressional budget. A review body composed of representatives from fish and wildlife management, conservation, the private sector and philanthropic communities will evaluate and recommend projects for the Director. .

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