What Is Another Word for in Agreement with

If you`re a writer or editor, you know how important it is to have a diverse vocabulary. Being able to express your ideas in different ways keeps your writing fresh and engaging. One common phrase you may come across is « in agreement with. » However, there are many other ways to convey the same meaning.

Here are some alternative words and phrases to use instead of « in agreement with »:

1. Concur: This means to agree with something or someone.

Example: « I concur with your assessment of the situation. »

2. Assent: This means to agree to something, usually in response to a request.

Example: « I assent to your proposal to partner with us. »

3. Approve: This means to officially sanction or endorse something.

Example: « The committee approved the new budget. »

4. Accord: This means to give or grant to someone or something.

Example: « We accorded them the respect they deserved. »

5. Consent: This means to give permission for something to happen.

Example: « I consent to your use of my work in your project. »

6. Align: This means to be in agreement or conformity with something or someone.

Example: « Our goals align with those of our partners. »

7. Harmonize: This means to bring into agreement or to blend together.

Example: « Our efforts to harmonize our policies have been successful. »

In conclusion, it is important to have a diverse vocabulary to keep your writing fresh and engaging. These alternate words and phrases can serve as substitutes for « in agreement with » to help you convey your ideas in different ways.

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